MADD Expressions

Dr. Brian T. Long MADD Expressions

Our mission is to develop and encourage self-awareness while cultivating individual identities. We aim to promote positive problem solving, employability, mental health counseling, and life skills while providing a diverse learning environment.

STRIV: Sustainable, Teaching, Revealing, Individuals, Value 

What we’re providing?

Prevention, through the focus of channeling creative expression, is our core mission in striving to save young people from the effects of substance abuse, gang involvement, and violence. By obtaining an education in artistic creation, students have the opportunity to explore different cultures and values.

Who are we serving?

We cater to students with a desire to express themselves through artistic form, bridging the gap between the traditional classroom environment, family support, and motivational reinforcement. Peer pressure is a strong influence among youth, and is oftentimes stronger than the family structure.

Many youth search for expressive companionship, but sometimes, the avenues they choose leads down a destructive and unsuccessful path. This path can open doors to illegal activity and academic failure. Peer pressure is not always negative.

Within the right environment and with a positive support structure, students can flourish. STRIV4U meets youth in the middle, giving them an outlet to channel their creative talents.

Striv4U offers the following services:

  • Job Seeking 101 
  • Person Centered Plan
  • Résumé Writing
  • Letter of Explanation
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Information on Federal Bonding
  • Mock Interviews
  • Case Management/Job Coaching
  • Information on Expungement/Certificate of Relief
  • Community Resources
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Life Coaching