Striv4U Counseling & Consulting

Dr. Brian T. Long Striv4U Counseling & Consulting

Our mission is to develop and encourage self-awareness while cultivating individual identities. We aim to promote positive problem solving, employability, mental health counseling, and life skills while providing a diverse learning environment.

STRIV: Sustainable, Teaching, Revealing, Individuals, Value 


  • Confidence: Building character within individuals through positive reinforcements. Integrating art into the mind, body, and spirit by providing immediate feedback and motivation.
  • Leadership Skills: Teaching individuals how to balance independence and collaboration by highlighting strengths and implementing leadership roles.
  • Support: Promoting honesty and integrity through an open door policy while encouraging family involvement. Recognizing personal growth through reflection, giving every student an opportunity to flourish.
  • Life Skills: Teaching employability skills. Preparing students for college and/ or careers through networking. Using coping strategies to influence artistic expression through connecting self-expression and process.